Sandra Lucas - President


By the age of 22, Sandra had already traveled enough miles to circle the globe four times over. These extensive travels shaped her understanding of the world in a unique way and increased her care for the family of men.


She first became involved in humanitarian causes in her 20’s and started working in the United States on human rights issues. She is the driving force behind legislation protecting the rights of parents and children.


She has headed projects funded by the government to help first responders, and she has been invited to deliver numerous presentations to law enforcement across the United States.


In 2011, she received the American Red Cross Workplace Good Samaritan Hero Award for her humanitarian work on behalf of law enforcement.


In 2013 Sandra co-founded the FourD Group. Her ever growing list of human rights education projects include Mongolia, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Philippines, and Morocco.


In 2015 Sandra received a recognition for human rights training from the 10th Military Operations Battalion of the Philippine Army.


Greg Kingdon - CEO


As the President of Kaltech International, a global mining service company, Greg Kingdon has traveled to dozens of different countries. He has witnessed Man’s struggles both in the glitz of the cities, and also in the most remote of areas.


The alarming number of social issues that face most communities and countries he has visited, confirmed what he already suspected: Man needs help!


To that end Greg has contributed to and supported a number of social educational and betterment programs such as Youth for Human Rights, The Way to Happiness™, Drug Free World™, and he has helped other charitable organizations around the world.


Greg co-founded the FourD group and has since played a pivotal role in the introduction of the Youth for Human Rights educational material into the schools of Mongolia, volunteer organizations and schools of the Dominican Republic, universities of Bangladesh and the Philippines Army.


Greg is currently working with his wife in his adopted country of Thailand, to help the Thai people  improve their ability to lead better lives.


Amporn Kingdon - Chair of the Advisory Committee


As a child growing up in the Kingdom of Thailand, Amporn experienced the warmth of the Thai extended family life along with the cultural richness of the Kingdom itself, basking in the traditional beauty of its customs and people, all shrouded reassuringly in the calming presence of the Buddhist religion. Yet, she also experienced the harshness that economic hardship.


Her life was forever changed by the kidnapping, ransoming and eventual murder of her father. After this unfathomable tragedy, she witnessed the daily challenge faced by her widowed mother while trying to make ends meet for their large family, and she faced the cruel reality of what a lack of money can mean in Asia, by watching her older brother go untreated and slowly die of malaria.


This unique perspective of life in Asia is part of what drives Amporn to help her people to do better in life, to flourish and prosper, and indeed to help all people who are struggling with challenges.


To this end, Amporn has built a team and is leading the FourD charge on broad dissemination of social betterment education programs in Thailand


Andrew Chambers - Executive Member


Andrew Chalmers is an Australian, UK-based software company CEO, vintage car racing enthusiast, and education and human rights activist.


Andrew has been active in supporting education as a Trustee and Chairman of an UK-based Educational Trust since 1995. He first became involved with supporting human rights in 2007 when he formed the Racing 4 Human Rights car racing team to promote human rights and the global human rights education foundation Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI).


Andrew’s software business brought him to India in the 2000’s, and in 2009 Andrew established YHR in South Asia and the YHR India Trust, helping to improve the condition of human rights in the region by raising awareness of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


He has since established two full-time human rights offices, one in India, the other in Nepal, and a network of volunteer groups across the region and thousands of volunteers helping the cause, who have to date taught over 250,000 young people their human rights.


At the United Nations Headquarters in New York in 2015, YHRI presented Andrew with their highest honor, the Human Rights Hero Award.


Robert Anderson - Executive Member


Robert Anderson was born and raised for part of his life in Beirut, Lebanon. He has also lived in Tripoli, Libya and he attended school in Switzerland. In addition, he grew up in different parts of the US from Florida to Hawaii and finally chose Colorado as his home base. These extensive travels and immersion in diverse cultures gave him an incredible opportunity to meet different people and appreciate the world.


Robert graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Mathematics and a Minor in Physics, but his passion, since a young age, was always to work with people around the world and help others. He answered the call for volunteers to help with Tsunami and Cyclone relief in India and the Philippines respectively.


He has worked with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and Dangerous Drugs Board with Drug Education and Communication training and was recognized for helping the different organizations get excellent results.


He has also worked with both former and present government and business leaders in Nepal, delivering Communication training and other seminars.


Robert has stated that his passion is to see people lead better and happier lives and be able to achieve the goals that they have not only for themselves but also for their countries.

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