In the summer of 2013, after giving a presentation on mining and human rights to an audience in Sydney, Australia, Greg Kingdon was approached by Mr. Alexander Medina, Director of Mining for the Dominican Republic (DR), and invited to visit the DR.


This invitation was accepted and a subsequent meeting led to the beginning of a joint project to teach human rights, with a local foundation already working with several schools in the country.

An ensuing seminar on human rights education was delivered to over 100 teachers, resulting in the education project being given in

40 schools as a start.


Upon hearing of Ms. Enid Gill, Vice-Minister for Higher Education Science and Technology’s teaching of morals and values, FourD

immediately offered its support and made it possible for 60,000 The Way to Happiness™ booklets to be delivered to Santo Domingo for distribution to seminar attendees.

After reviewing the Youth for Human Rights materials Ms. Gill also decided to add human rights education to her outreach programs. Her dedicated efforts led to a demand for teaching human rights to all the staff of the Ministry for Higher Education Science and Technology and to see its implementation in every university in the country.


Another successful workshop for teachers in the District of Cotui led to the request for morals and values education and human rights training for all 40 schools of that district. Both programs have also been embraced by a local non-profit that has already delivered morals and values education throughout the country. Over three thousand people have attended The Way to Happiness seminars, including youth in a facility for juvenile offenders.


The FourD team is getting ready for the next phase of humanitarian projects delivery this summer and plans for the upcoming trip to the DR are underway.


Director Medina & Greg Kingdon

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