Andrew Chalmers has been traveling to India since the early 2000’s on business, and in 2009 he was asked by Youth for Human Rights to assist the program in the region.


   Andrew met with human rights volunteers and he immediately set to work and created on online social network for South Asia, with the purpose of bringing together volunteers across the region into a cohesive team, help members form groups in their respective areas and disseminate training materials and share successes. Within six years, the group has grown to over 8500 members.


   Andrew also established a full-time Youth for Human Rights National office in Delhi. As activities expanded across South Asia, Nepal soon followed with its own full-time office and more local chapters spread across India, Pakistan and the Maldives.


      Some key activities were directed in concert with the Indian Army and several other NGOs in the war zone of Kashmir in late 2010 and early 2011.


   The message of human rights was delivered to both Indian soldiers and local people across Kashmir. In 2012, Human Rights Watch stated in their report on human rights conditions across the world that the violence in Jammu and Kashmir dropped significantly during 2011.


   The Youth for Human Rights team has partnered with the Indian Police force of the state of Madhya Pradesh (population of 80 million people) to train the entire annual 10,000 new police cadet recruits, and the team also received an official recognition for its good work by no less than the office of the Governor of the state.


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