Less than three months after the FourD Group’s inception, Sandra Lucas reached out to the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia (NHRCM) and proposed a human rights education project for students. The idea was enthusiastically received and the program from Youth for Human Rights, a California based non- profit whose purpose is to teach youth about human rights, and inspire them to become advocate for tolerance and peace, was adopted.


A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by NHRCM and FourD making this joint effort official, and over fifty university students started the first Youth for Human Rights Chapter in Mongolia.


The human rights education pilot project took place in 2015 and 2016 and upon its conclusion the NHRCM report reported that the positive impact of the HR education using YHRI materials in Mongolia had already been observed.


The teachers who delivered the lessons said that they had a positive impact on student’s ability to overcome life barriers, making right decisions, peer helping, and behavior and attitude.



Mongolia National HR Commission Chairman & Sandra Lucas

Students of a secondary school started a lot of voluntary initiatives. They prepared human rights handouts for elementary grade students and gave lessons. Also, the students visited families living in the vicinity of their school to distribute their materials for the purpose of informing the general population on concepts of human rights. The school received very positive feedback from the general population

with parents and other people coming to their school to meet with teachers, make themselves familiar with textbooks and manuals on human rights, and get more information and advice.


One of the schools that had participated in the pilot project won a special prize in the scholarship contest Child Friendly School, announced by Amnesty International on the International Human Rights Day.


Ten students who took part in the training took successful part in the National speech contest and were enlisted in the “Top 20 National Speechmakers” on the subjects of human rights, children’s rights.


The NHRCM’s final analysis of the implementation of the YHRI “Human Rights Education” project was that it enriched teachers’ methods, developed students’ learning activities and participation, and provided considerable support in cultivating responsible and conscientious citizens. The NHRCM has expressed its intent to see the implementation of the human rights education in every school in Mongolia and plans are currently underway.

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