Few lands hold more mystic than exotic Morocco with its famed cities of Marrakech and Tangier. From the tangled lanes of medinas that are over 2000 years old to the massive Kasbahs concealed in the valleys of soaring snowcapped mountain ranges, past and present coexist in Morocco in a blend of cultures, traditions, architecture and culinary exquisiteness.


This realm being one of the most progressive countries in the Arab world, it is no wonder that human rights are making headway.


The active human rights campaigns are what drew the FourD Group to work with local civil societies and help distribute Youth for Human Rights materials which had been recently translated into Arabic for the first time.


In the summer of 2016, Sandra Lucas traveled to Oujda, a city in North East Morocco, to meet with Zakaria El Hamel, the head of Youth for Peace.


With the help of Youth for Peace and volunteers Adnane Bouchikhi and Abdel Abdellah, several successful meetings brought more support from national human rights organization and local attorneys, and led to planning for expansion of human rights education across Morocco.

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