In the summer of 2015, Sandra Lucas traveled to the Philippines to work with human rights attorney Anita Chahan. Within two weeks, Anita and Sandra delivered seminars to over 3,000 students on the island of Luzon.


Sandra then introduced YHRI materials to the military and was asked to provide training to the soldiers in Mindanao, the most southern large island of the Philippines where the army has been fighting a guerrilla warfare for decades. After successful seminars on the island to members of two infantry divisions, she also taught human rights to students. In total, over 5000 military personnel and students received human rights education in the Philippines.


The Colonel in charge of the 101 Army Brigade in Mindanao requested a special communication seminar for 17 of his communication officers.


Subsequently, she met with the head of the human rights office for the entire Philippines army and plans were made to train teachers of the military schools on how to deliver human rights education in 2016, as well as more training for firefighters and emergency personnel.


Due to politican changes and a severe lack of education on the subject, the state of human rights in the Philippines has taken a turn for the worst and the FourD Group is in the planning stages to greatly increase its education outreach with the military, police and college students.

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