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Our Mission and Work is Clear


The FourD Group is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to bettering lives.


Our education programs tackle some of the main issues without which it is impossible to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. Knowing and understanding human rights, morality and the truth about drugs is key to improving conditions, thus education is vital.


People who know and enjoy their human rights can live in dignity and enjoy freedom, justice, equality and peace, and just as importantly they respect the human rights of others.


The benefit of living one’s life according to a practical moral code enhances human relationships and commands self-respect and respect from others.


Few will argue that drugs are the scourge of the world. Its use has led to degradation and even death, broken homes and neglected children. Drugs rob a person of hope and self-respect. Being armed with the truth about drugs empowers the individual to make informed decisions and live drug-free.


The FourD Group works with governmental bodies, other nonprofit organizations and individuals with similar aims, educates educators, students, police and armed forces, to bring about a greater awareness of these key issues which in turns provides individuals with the means to live a happier life and improve their communities and countries.


We teach human rights, moral values and the truth about drugs.

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